Beginnings… ugh. I never know where to start. Do I introduce myself? Do I greet you with a warm smile or should we just stand here quietly and wait for this to start? So many times I have found myself in a room of strangers (usually moms with their kids at a music class or something like that), and we quietly stick to ourselves because we don’t know where to begin. I always encourage my kids to introduce themselves and get right in there to play with the others, yet I can’t often muster that kind of bravery out of myself.  I do believe we are all eager to belong to something or make a friend though because, well, we showed up, didn’t we? I’m always desperate for the beginning to be over quickly. I like being in the middle where everything is more comfortable, and we are friends already. I wish we could just skip over the awkward beginnings.

So let’s just get on with it. Here is to new beginnings and finding the beautiful things that are underneath. Cream rises to the top, if you give it a minute.



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