It’s really hard not to wear a pony tail every day. And how some moms look so cute and put together, I’ll never understand it. (How do they do it, seriously!?)

Anyhow, about me. If I could, I’d collect all the memories, sounds of laughter, sweet smells of baby, family snuggle fests, and husband snores in little jars for safekeeping and for looking back upon. But since those little moments are painfully fleeting, this blog space will be the best place to keep them.  Preserved in a blog post because I am so not into scrapbooking.


Mommy Mac is really Erin McCullough, life liver, happiness seeker, homemaker. Keeper of the lovely little things and take-for-granted moments of motherhood (and life in general, really).  Self-nominated documenter and secretary of the McCullough family adventures. Wife to Kyle. Mom to Kalvin. Oldest sister. Co-pilot. Writer. Iowan. Law school drop-out. Oversharer. Self-improver. Rule breaker. (Well, sometimes.) Open to trying new things, partaking in miscellaneous adventures and living in the moment.  

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